Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time And Eternity

Almost the weekend . . . again! Did your week fly by like mine? I'm gonna check but I think maybe the number of hours in my day has diminished. Either that or I'm having mental blocks. I start the day with twenty-four but just as I get into a groove it's already night time. Something strange is going on here! If this keeps up I'm going to wake up next week and it will be 2030 and I'll be hobbling around on a cane.

I look forward to eternity. No time there. Just eternity. I really can't fathom that. But, I'm going to enjoy it!

In eternity, I won't worry about days running into each other. There won't be any days! No nights either. I guess that means we won't even need to sleep. I'll have so much energy there I won't even have to take a nap!

There is one thing positive about time flying by so quickly. It hastens the return of the Lord and his taking us out of time and into eternity.

Things look pretty dark right now. The world is changing, and not for the good. We could become discouraged, spend our days wringing our hands, and lose all hope.

Don't! Look up! You have a bright future . . . an eternity. So, what's a few years of distress compared to that? So, let time fly by. The quicker, the better. That just means our eternity will start sooner!

Knowing time flying by means I'm closer to eternity, Gloria

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