Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seventy Times Seven

I am amazed at how wonderful God is! He has shown me an area of my life that I was not living the Christ life. And, I appreciate him doing it!

Nobody likes to be told they are doing something wrong. But, it can be the best thing in our
life . . . if we're willing to change.

What did God show me? That I was not forgiving enough.

I always thought I was a forgiving person. I don't hold grudges. How can you hold grudges when you can't remember them?!! When people do me wrong, I don't dwell on it. So, I thought I was pretty well OK in the forgiving area.

God showed me I needed to forgive more. You know, the seventy times seven things (that is, over and over and over and over.)

The most important thing he showed me is I have no right NOT to forgive someone over and over. Why? Because I have been forgiven so much! Why can't we see that when we want to NOT forgive someone?

He also brought to mind a scripture. I paraphrase, "Why do you look at the toothpick in your brothers eye when you have a beam in your own?" I guess that makes it clear enough! We can be so self-righteous can't we?

When God showed me I did not have the right perspective on forgiveness, I had a choice. I could
tell myself I was a forgiving person or I could agree with God that I needed to forgive even more. I opted to listen to him. I find that is always the best route to take!

Trying to forgive seventy times seven, Gloria

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