Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seeing People Through The Eyes Of Their Creator

It's going to be a busy week. The first three days I'll be cleaning the house for my families visit. At times like this, I wish I had a smaller house!

I have a schedule I usually keep as I work. I'll make a couple of beds and then go play a game of Spider Solitaire on the computer. Then I vacuum a couple of rooms and stop to read a few emails. Next I'll do some dusting and then take a break to read an article in some magazine. I tell myself, "Just two more rooms and I'll give you a break." That's the way I survive housecleaning. Of course, my plan prolongs the agony! Still, it works for me.

Wednesday evening we'll be celebrating my son-in-laws birthday and the rest of the week I'll have three of my grandchildren here. You know what will happen to my three days of housecleaning, don't you?

Not only that, my son-in-law wants fried chicken for his birthday dinner. A stove that has been used to fry chicken is not a pretty sight. It will take me two days to scrum it clean! Now, do you see why I prefer eating out to cooking at home?

I admire all you ladies who love to clean house, do laundry and cook. You're my heroes, my role models. I want to be like you; an immaculate house, no piles of laundry on the floor and a nice dinner on the table each evening. At our house, however, I doubt that's ever, ever gonna happen! The only way that will happen is if I die and Wayne finds some immaculate housekeeper to marry. I'm not sure I'd like someone showing me up, especially in my own house. I wonder if God would let me blow a little dust in the windows just to keep her on her toes?

God made us all different. He didn't stamp out all Gloria's. I know a lot of people who are thankful for that fact!

There is a problem sometimes, however. People aren't willing to accept those who are not like them. They want everyone to think like them, act like them, talk like they do, even look like them. No offense, but what a boring world that would be!

God made people different sizes, shapes and colors. If he, the Creator and great God who does all things well, loved all his creation equally, what does that say about us when we are not willing to accept those who are not like us? Just a thought.

Hoping others will accept me, even if I am a lousy housekeeper, Gloria


Anonymous said...

Hey Gloria,

Are our lives parallel or what?? It's my Wayne's birthday today, one of my grandson's was Sunday, and my son-in-law's is this Sat. And we're having a big family get-together at my daughter's on Sat.!

And while I rather enjoy doing laundry (I know I'm odd :-) and don't mind cooking, especially for my family, I do HATE to clean. UGH!! But I do exactly what you do, "bribe" myself with computer solitaire, answering e-mail, reading blogs, etc. Somehow it gets done, right?

But I thank God for all these family blessings (and friends!) in my life, and I know you do, too.


Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Marge, thank you, thank you, thank you! It's so good to know there is someone else out there like me!!!

P.S. Tell Wayne I said Happy Birthday!