Friday, August 21, 2009

Quitters Never Win

I just remembered something I read about how the Hollywood "oldies" looked so young on screen. They took some kind of tape, pulled the wrinkles back toward the hair line and bang, no more wrinkles! Why didn't I remember that earlier? I could have been wrinkle free and the envy of all my aging friends!

I got to thinking though. If I tape my face back against my hairline I'll eventually have to change the tape. What about my hair? When I rip off the tape, won't it rip out what hair I have left? Would I rather be bald or wrinkled? Hard choice but I think I'd opt for hair!

Or what about when you're outside working in the dirt. What if the tape gets dirty? How do you clean tape? However, if you don't clean it, people may shy away from you because they think you haven't taken a bath in weeks. Drats! I thought I had the answer. I guess tape is out.

Hey, I'm like Thomas Edison. I'll keep trying to think of an inexpensive way to hide the ravages of years. No quit is this girl.

I hope there is no quit in me when it comes to becoming more like Jesus.
I hope there's no quit in me when it comes to living a life that lets others see Jesus in me.
I hope there's no quit in me in being thoughtful and compassionate.
I hope their no quit in me in considering others more than myself.

Wrinkles I can live with. Quitting on the spiritual stuff . . . not a good idea!

Hoping there's no quit in me, Gloria

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