Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Old Grey Mare She Ain't What She Used To Be

My friend, Marge, sent me an email about yesterday's post. She reminded me that I had been married during my senior year (duh, she had to remind me!) and maybe everyone was seeing that just married glow. Works for me!

I have an idea. Perhaps if I renew my vows each year I'll get back that just married glow that shone through in my senior year and I'll be a beauty again. What do you think? Too late? Yea, I guess you're right. If I was going to do that, I should have started a lot of years ago. Too much damage done to start now!

I guess I can go scrounge through all the pictures of when I was just married. At least I'll be able to see the "glow" even if I don't have it now.

I can't help but think of that song, "The old grey mare she ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be. The old grey mare she ain't what she used to be many long years ago."

To all you "old grey mares" out there and those of you who are approaching it faster than you'd like to admit, I want to encourage you. There is a "glow" on the face of a woman who is godly. The wonderful thing about this glow is, unlike the glow of the newly married, this glow can become even brighter year after year. It happens when a woman walks more and more in the ways of the Lord. Now, which glow would you rather have?

Even though I don't have the newlywed glow, I pray I have the glow of the Lord, Gloria


Anonymous said...

Great post, Gloria, and thanks for mentioning my name. But I didn't say that your friends were "just" seeing that "new marriage glow," but that it was part of your attractiveness! :-) But I can certainly relate to the "old grey mare" part!!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Sorry I misquoted you, Marge. And, thanks for being kind! Yes, us old grey mares may not be what we used to be but we've actually gotten better in some ways, right? Right?

Anonymous said...