Friday, August 7, 2009

Hula Hoes And Beautification

Well, I'm almost another week older. I think my back noticed. Just a little weed abatement yesterday and the old back is whining. I guess it feels like it has the right since it hears me whining all the time!

In the desert, where we get enough rain to put in a teacup, you would think nothing could grow. But, weeds abound here. Okay, some nice plants are here but they thrive only because we pamper, feed and water them. Not so weeds. They don't need rain. Just a bit of moisture and they reach astronomical proportions. Like the ones I tried to hula hoe yesterday.

At the first of the spring I weeded the same spots I worked on yesterday. Now, it was to do over again. It's a constant battle!

When is somebody going to invent a product (environmentally safe, of course) that will zap weeds so they'll never come up in that spot again? I doubt it will be in my lifetime. Perhaps maybe never. God did set all of this in place after Adam and Eve sinned. I think maybe he wants it to be a constant reminder of how we blew it!

So, I guess when the weeds get as high as my head and I can't find the house, I'll just have to drag out the old hula hoe and start whacking away. I must admit, it looked much nicer when I finished.

Our lives look much nicer when we take our spiritual hula hoe and whack away all those things in it that are contrary to who we really are in Christ. I don't have to tell you. You know what yours are. That's "working out our salvation" and it is our responsibility. Of course, unlike me and my literal hula hoe, we have someone who takes hold of the hoe and gives us the strength to rid our lives of those things that are not like him. And, guess what. Like my yard after I've cleaned up the weeds, our lives look lots nicer. We just might look a little more like Jesus. Now, wouldn't that be great!

Hoping to use my spiritual hula hoe and get rid of the "weeds", Gloria


gayle said...

Nah, I don't need a hula hoe...I need a back hoe!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

I'll split the cost if you'll share it with me! :D