Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How To Stay Beautiful Forever

I went to a party Saturday. My Bible study group from church got together for some fellowship. While there, our host gave each of us a piece of paper and asked us to write down something we thought no one else in the group would know about us. We did not sign our names. They then read each of the papers and we had to guess who the person might be.

I thought about what I could put that no one would guess. I finally came up with a good one. I wrote that, in my senior year, my school classmates voted me as one of the most beautiful girls in the school.

My goal was to stump the group. Boy, did I do a good job! Not one person thought it might have been me. Not one! I now have confirmation that what outward beauty I might have had has flown out the window! Capoot! Gone! Non-existent!

The Bible says, "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting." Prov. 31:30. You can say that again!

So, those of you who still have outward beauty, you who are just on the precipice of losing that beauty and those, like me, who have to acknowledge it's already gone should consider this. Since it's inevitable that outward beauty will diminish why not concentrate on beautifying the inside.

Create a woman of character, of compassion, of mercy, of kindness and gentleness. A woman who cares for others more than herself (that is biblical, you know). A woman who exudes the power and presence of God in her life. Now, ladies, that kind of woman will be beautiful should she live to be a hundred!

The outside may not look so hot but I'm hoping the inside grows more beautiful, Gloria

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