Monday, August 31, 2009

Grooming Both Ways

Agony! Tears fill my eyes. I am in great pain!

Did I fall and break my hip? No. Did I burn myself as I was cooking? No. Did I have a fight with my husband? No. I plucked an errant hair out of my nose! Gross, I know. Sorry. But, I just had to share with you another of the many pains of growing older. If you don't want to go through the same pain, I suggest you don't buy one of the mirrors that magnifies a hundred times. Wow! The things you can see!

Maybe I'll just give up. I'll let the hair grow under my arms and on my legs. I'll stop plucking my eyebrows, nose, facial hair. I wonder what I'll look like in a few weeks. Not a pretty sight, I would imagine.

I can't do it! I want to look the best I can so I guess I'll continue with my regimen as long as I can see to do it. Then, since I can't see it anyway, I won't have to worry!

Sometimes it may be difficult to continue living the Christian life. Troubles crowd in on us and we just don't feel God is paying attention. "Where is he when I need him? Why won't he help me? Why is he letting this happen to me?" We just want to give up, stop "grooming" ourselves spiritually.

If we do give up, the consequences may be more than we imagined. The beauty of Jesus will be obscured. An ugliness will set in, even uglier than if we refused to groom our bodies.

Grooming is important both physically and spiritually. Physically, I want to look the best I can. More importantly I want to look the best I can spiritually. I want to look like Jesus! If I want that, I have to groom my spirit. I know I'll be glad I did.

The day will come when I won't have to worry about either types of grooming. Jesus will transform me and take me to heaven. I'm gonna look great! I am so looking forward to that.

Trying to groom myself both ways until Jesus comes to get me, Gloria

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