Thursday, August 13, 2009

Face Zits, Sin Zits

Okay, I've got something new to add to my face issues. Forget I already have circles under my eyes, sags above them, wrinkles that get deeper by the minute and little chin hairs that make people wonder if I'm male or female. Now I have to add a zit to the list. Imagine! A woman my age has a zit. Is there no mercy?!!

Do you remember your junior high and high school years when you face was "zitsville"? Most everyone had them but you knew yours were bigger and uglier than any of the rest.

If we had not been good girls, we would probably have feigned sickness so we could stay home until "the attack of the zits" had played itself out. I did do a lot of hiding in hallways at school and avoiding as many people as possible, especially guys, when the little darlings decided to invade my face.

When my friends had their attacks, I didn't look at them and say, "You look gross." Or, "How disgusting!" Besides, you didn't notice them that much anyways. Not at all like they did.

Maybe we need to go back to our school days and conjure up some of that same compassion when we see someone who has "sin zits". We really don't need to tell them they're there. They already know that.

Maybe if, instead of concentrating on their "sin zits", we concentrated on loving them and helping them find a balm (Jesus) that would help their zits go away. It's for sure we would bless them and remove a few of our own "sin zits" in the process.

Hoping my zit analogy didn't gross all of you out, especially you picture thinkers like me!

Gagging a little as I visualize my zit face and my "sin zits", Gloria

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