Friday, August 14, 2009

Cramps and Thoughts

Have you ever had cramps in your toes? Painful! I'm having them lately. I wonder if that is another sign of getting older?

I can be lying on the couch minding my own business when the spasms creep into my toes. The pain begins. My toes take on a life of their own. They spread and twist in weird formations, daring me to get them back under control.

I'm sure I look pretty ridiculous walking around the house jumping up and down on my foot and yelping, "Ouch! Ouch!" But, since I've become accustomed to looking ridiculous, I don't give it a thought. My only desire is to get those cramps out of my feet!

Sometimes, when I'm lying on the couch, a thought will come into my head about how someone has treated me. I can feel the thought spreading, twisting, trying to overtake me, to make me react in anger or bitterness, daring me to take control of it.

Just like with my twisted toes, I do what is necessary to get rid of it. Instead of, "Ouch! Ouch!" I say, "Satan, I refuse to allow you to twist my mind, to make me think things that are ungodly. I rebuke you." Then I replace that thought with a good one. Works every time!

I just thought about something. Both incidents occurred when I was lying on the couch. I wonder if I quit lying on the couch I'll get rid of both problems? Probably not.

Glad I can get rid of both physical cramps and nonspiritual thoughts, Gloria

P.S. I found this in my draft section of the blog. I assumed I had not sent it. If you have read this already, please forgive me. And, let me know! But, even if it is a repeat, I pray it will be something that will encourage you. Me

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