Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Corsets, Long Dresses And Evaporative Coolers

It's too hot to do anything. I think we should do like our neighbors to the south and take a siesta. Only, lets make ours about eight hours long. We could sleep all day and wake up when the weather has cooled off.

My husband loves hot weather and hates cold. I love cold weather and hate the hot. Talk about opposites!

Summertime heat makes me slow to a crawl. I have no energy to do anything, especially housework. Actually, I have trouble with that one even in the winter months!

I really shouldn't complain. I could have lived back in the south during the era of long dresses, hoop slips, corsets and no air conditioning. How did they do it?!!

Okay, I guess I really have it good. My evaporative cooler keeps my house at a pleasant temperature. The closest thing to a corset I've worn is a girdle and that I threw away in the 60's. I do occasionally wear a long skirt to church. That's about as close as I get to that era.

I wonder what women of that era would say about all the conveniences we have. Machines that wash our clothes and our dishes, that keep us cool from the heat and humidity and get us to our destinations without us having to feed them hay.

While we applaud those genius types who have make our lives better by their inventions ultimately, all praise should go to him. He created man and instilled in him knowledge that would benefit all mankind. We have an awesome and loving God.

Thanking God for giving man knowledge to create evaporative coolers, Gloria

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