Thursday, August 20, 2009

Better Days

I'm excited. It's getting closer to winter!

I enjoy waking up to light in the summer. I can go outside and work in the yard while it's still cool. Still I long for the crisp, biting air of winter. Now the darkness is lingering longer in the morning. That's my cue to persevere. Winter is a comin'!

Do you need a little perseverance? Things not going the way you had hoped? Problems you didn't expect barging in on your life? Situations that make you fearful crowding your thoughts and trying to rob you of your peace?

Hang on! God is there when it seems the darkness is crowding in on you. Don't let the devil rob you of your peace. He would so love to do that. Persevere! Trust God and remember there are better days a comin'.

Looking forward to the better days, Gloria

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