Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Never Know What God Can Use To Teach You

I've heard the statement, "She has the tenacity of a bulldog." I've never heard that said about a hummingbird. It should be, at least about the one that visits my garden every day.

It's the time of year that many flowers and blooms are dying. It's true of the flowers on the small Mimosa tree in my garden. The humming bird can attest to that.

He flew in and stuck that saber of a beak into the dying flower. I assumed he would fly away and find a bloom that would surrender an easier breakfast. Not this hummingbird. He was determined to mine nectar from that flower. He turned one way and the other. He pulled his beak out and thrust it in again. I watched as, over and over, he struggled to get the sweet nectar from the flower. Finally he seemed to be satisfied he had done all he could and flew away.

God used the hummingbird to teach me a lesson. You don't give up just because it gets hard. You keep on and keep on until you fulfill your commitment, complete your assignment, reach your goal. That applies to everything in life from a job to a marriage.

If God put such tenacity into his hummingbird creation, don't you think he put it in us, his crowning creation?

If a hummingbird is willing to work and struggle to accomplish its goal, don't you think we should, too?

From now on I think I'll desire to have the tenacity of a hummingbird instead of a bulldog. Besides, hummingbirds are prettier!

Thankful for lessons learned from a hummingbird, Gloria

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