Friday, July 10, 2009

What About God's Kids?

Our five year old grandson,who is here visiting,cracked me up yesterday. Okay, I know your grandson story would be funnier if you had a chance to share it. But, please,bear with me. I want to use this story for my devotion!

Caleb has serious food allergies and has to take enzymes when he eats certain foods. He was about to run out so his mom mailed us more. They were in a large bottle. Inside the bottle was one of those square packets that keeps the product fresh.

My grandson took the bottle and poured all the tablets into the bottle we originally had. He then brought me the bottle that had come from his mother and, with a serious face, pointed at the little packet inside and said, "Nanny, don't throw this bottle away. That little thing will make more enzymes for me." He was so serious I held back laughing until he left the room.

We expect children to say such things. They're knowledge of so many things is still lacking. It will take years for them to develop into mature adults.

What about God's kids? They're like Caleb. It takes years to learn and mature. I wonder why we aren't more understanding when they don't understand or make mistakes? You would think we would be as tolerant of God's kids as we are our own. Something to think about.

Hoping I'm not judgmental of God's kids, Gloria


Sheryl Crawford said...

How cute! To your grandson that little white packet (we all pray we never swallow in place of the pill!) was like a seed that would produce more enzymes! Very logical and thought through! How did you ever keep from laughing at the cuteness?

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Not easy, Sherri!

Hey, I never thought about swallowing that packet. I can see me forgetting to take my pills and popping one in my mouth in the dark without paying attention. Since that's a possibility in my life, will it kill me?!!
Thanks for the info.