Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tried And True Recipes

A friend gave me some plums. Since I was in one of those rare domestic moods, I decided to make some plum jelly. I searched for Sure Gel (is that the way you spell it?) but found none. I was not about to haul three boys to the grocery store so I decided to do it differently. In the olden days, before the Sure Gel stuff was created, woman must have made jams and jellies. I surmised they just cooked the juice and sugar until it thickened.

I dumped about five pounds of sugar and a few cups of juice in a pot and let it cook most of the day. It looked pretty good. Along about dark, it got to looking DARK so I gave it a quick stir, laid the spoon on the counter and hurried to get the jars ready. I knew something was amiss when I almost didn't get the spoon unstuck from the counter. Still I persisted.

I quickly filled two jars with the frothy concoction and sealed them.. I put the pan in the sink, got sidetracked, and failed to put water in it right away. When I finally got back to it, it had a hard purple glaze over it, about as hard as Formica.

I'm afraid to open the jars. Who knows what I'll find! Maybe I've created some new substance that will surpass concrete for construction purposes. Maybe not. I imagine the sun would melt the sugar and you'd find yourself stuck in purple goo!

My suggestion? Stick to the tried and true recipe!

God has tried and true recipes. One of them is , "Seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you."

Are you seeking God's will and way in your life above all earthly endeavors? If you do, you will find he adds so much to your life that brings joy, peace, contentment, and happiness.

It's best to stick to the recipe!

Trying to stick to God's recipes for life, Gloria

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