Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's More Than One Kind Of Renewal

My head's in a fog. My eyes are blurry. I can hardly make my fingers move across the keys.
Do I have some kind of illness? No, I just had a rather sleepless night.

They say your body is renewed as you sleep. Well, there wasn't much renewing going on in my body last night.

They also say sleep helps keep you beautiful. All my life I've heard, "I've got to get my beauty sleep." The conclusion I came up with is, if you don't get your beauty sleep, you'll be uglier in the morning. Based on how little sleep I got last night, I'm NOT going to look in the mirror today. I couldn't bear seeing an uglier me peering back at me!

Sleep does renew us. God planned it that way.

God also planned that time spent with him renews us. It energizes our faith, puts hope in our hearts and draws us closer to him.

So, if you're cranky, depressed, out of sorts, struggling with holding your tongue, critical, lacking in love for others, perhaps you need to be renewed. Start spending more time with God in Bible study and prayer. Really apply what the Bible teaches to your life and see if many of those negative "symptoms" don't go away.

Trying to be renewed by spending time with God, Gloria

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