Thursday, July 2, 2009

Significance Defined

Whew! I had a rough morning yesterday. I had to iron my husbands shirts! I really wanted to go buy new ones but the old bank account nixed that in a hurry so I slaved over a hot iron all morning. After I had finished ironing the four shirts he needed, I had to go take a nap. This being a homemaker is rough!

Doesn't it bug you when someone asks what you do and when you say, "I'm a homemaker," they go, "Oh," and look at you as if you are less than human. Believe me, being a homemaker is not for the wimpy!

Homemakers fix breakfast, wash dishes, clothes, and snotty noses. They mop floors, make beds, change poopy diapers, clean puke off the carpet, iron clothes, and fix snacks for screaming, contrary two-year-olds. They run errands, make cupcakes for the class party, pick up the dry cleaning and wash the windows. And, that's all before noon!

So many people define themselves by what they do. If they have a position of prominence, they feel worth. If not, they consider themselves insignificant. Sad.

Our value and worth come from the fact we are God's creation, beloved by him. To him we have great worth whatever our position or how prominent we are. The fact that he sent his Son to die for us is proof of that!

Don't buy into the world's idea of significance. You are not defined by what you do! Know that whatever you do, you are valuable and precious to God. What more could you ask for?!

Thankful my worth is not in what I do but in the fact I am God's creation, Gloria

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