Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Real Stuff Versus the Fake

Let's continue on lessons learned from a hummingbird.

When the hummingbird first came into my garden, he lit on the hummingbird feeder I had placed there. It was empty. Next he flew to the Mimosa tree and then out of the garden. I interrupted my devotion time, hurriedly filled the bird feeder with food, and hoped he would return. He did.

He came and lit on the bird feeder, took a taste, and then flew to the Mimosa tree. It was there he stayed. He seemed to like the "genuine article" rather than some fake store bought concoction. He was willing to work at getting the real stuff instead of spending time on the fake stuff.

God sent my mind in another direction. I'd like you to consider what I say and make your own conclusions.

Sometimes we spend large amounts of time studying false religions in hopes we will be better prepared to be God's witness of his Son. Maybe we should follow the hummingbird's example and spend our time with the "genuine article" (the Bible) instead.

If you took four hours a week you had been studying about false religions and read the Word of God the same amount of time, do you think maybe you would be better prepared to distinguish and give out the truth to those who are living the fake stuff?

It's best to know the truth. That comes by studying God's Word. I encourage you to spend quality time delving into God's Word. Learn to know God and his plans and purposes. You will not only be able to answer those who are believing the lies but your life will be so enriched!

I've heard stories of how believers in other countries weep when they receive their first Bible. Others have only a few so they tear it into sections. Each believer memorizes the section given them and passes it along to another so they can memorize it. How precious the Word is to them!

The Bible says, "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Know the truth so you will be set free and be able to set others free, too!

Hoping I know God's Word so I can administer truth to those believing the fake, Gloria

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