Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Little Details Matter

My husband started to get dressed for work this morning and couldn't find a shirt . . . an ironed shirt, that is. He dug around until he found one decent enough to wear. Now I have two choices: I can iron or I can go shopping for shirts. I'm thinkin' maybe shopping!

Why did I buy clothes that need ironing? A dumb thing to do when you hate to iron as much as I do. I guess I liked the look of the shirts and didn't pay enough attention to little details like what they were made of! Personally, I think the store should put large signs up such as: "Buy this shirt and you'll spend the rest of your life standing before an ironing board." Or, "Buy this shirt and you'll have time to lounge by the pool all day."

Since that would leave them with lots of stock because nobody bought the "to be ironed" shirts, I guess that will never happen. It seems it's up to me to pay attention to the details, like those tiny labels inside the shirt.

We need to pay attention to little details in other areas of our lives.

It is not usually big things that lead us away from God. No adultery. No murder. No bank robbing. Mostly it is the little things; failing to read our Bibles regularly, not spending time in prayer as much as we used to do, skipping church more because we just don't feel like going or want to do something else, allowing wrong thinking that we once resisted. Bundle all that together and you will find that, perhaps without even knowing it, you have stepped back in your relationship to God.

How is your relationship to God? Could it be you've failed to pay attention to the little details?

Trying to make sure I pay attention to the little details, Gloria

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