Thursday, July 16, 2009

Humble Or Proud?

I went to the doctor yesterday. I got there at ten and left about one. VERY FRUSTRATING!
What made it even worse was they did not even have me scheduled! Needless to say, I struggled to be patient as I sat in a very small and crowded waiting room.

How could they not have me scheduled? Did someone not know how to do their job? Such questions skipped through my mind as I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited.

I tried to make the most of it by working on some writing material. Good thing I had that or I might have been more impatient!

After I got home, I was looking at my calendar and noticed I was supposed to have been at the doctor's office YESTERDAY, not today. Talk about humbling! I think I owe them an apology.

Being humbled isn't particularly fun. But, sometimes it is what we need.

When I was a kid, they used to say, "She's getting too big for her britches." God's kids can get too big for their britches, too. When that happens, God takes action. Not to humiliate us but to make us realize pride is not compatible with being controlled by his Spirit. Humbling us makes us realize we are nothing without him. It makes us realize that whatever abilities or gifts we have were given by him and for his glory, not our own. When we become prideful, we owe God an apology!

The only way we can be humble is to be Spirit controlled. When we do that, we recognize we are nothing apart from him. We recognize that all praise and honor to go to him and not ourselves.

Hoping I remain humble so God doesn't have to do the job, Gloria


Liz said...

I smiled as I read your humbling experience because I have had plenty myself. Your words are an encouragement. Thank you.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Liz, sorry to know you are in the same boat with me! But, I guess we'll survive, right?

So glad the devotions are an encouragement to you!