Tuesday, July 14, 2009

God Forgets When People Don't

The Stockstill family is notorious for remembering your mistakes. Years and years of blunders and guffaws have been passed down from generation to generation, told around campfires and at family gatherings. My husband is no exception.

When I was a very young married ( a few days after my 17th birthday) my new husband and I were doing the section in the Reader's Digest magazine where they had a word and you had to choose which of several definitions fit that word. The word was phlegm. I pronounced it fleg-um.
My new hubby howled. To this day when he clears his throat he can be heard to say, "I have some fleg-um in my throat."

One of our grandsons, who was about four at the time, got a splinter in his hand while we were camping. Since he is somewhat dramatic, he could be heard screaming throughout the campground. Finally someone said, "We're just going to have to use the tweezers." Our grandson screamed as loud as he could, "Oh, no! Not the tweezers!" The only problem was, he had no idea what tweezers were! Years have come and gone since that incident but, "Oh, no! Not the tweezers has been repeated more times than I can count.

While the things we recall as a family bring howls of laughter, some mistakes are no laughing matter. They bring pain, anguish, sorrow to those who experienced them. They don't want to be continually reminded of them. They want to forget them.

God does that. He forgives our sins when we accept his Son into our lives. From that day on, God doesn't even recall our sins. Do we really comprehend how wonderful that truth is? We should be praising God for not only forgetting our sins but also not holding them against us. If you are a Christian, you have so much to thank God for!

Thankful God chooses not to remember my sins, Gloria


Anonymous said...

This is so cute, Gloria. And you know, I can just see a humorous book (written by you, of course!) for kids titled "Oh, No, Not the Tweezers!"---about words kids don't understand. What do you think? Marge

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Marge, I think that's a great idea. I could interview kids and tape their answers. I bet I could get some hilarious answers!
Thanks for the idea.