Monday, July 20, 2009

Follow Your Dreams Now!

On Saturday, we went to a Jamboree with our grand kids (their mom and dad, too). It was a place where kids could learn gun safety, shoot skeet, watch horseback riders shoot balloons off of poles while they race around the arena, and see BMX riders do neat tricks on bikes.

They didn't allow men to shoot the rifles or guns but they let ladies. I've shot a gun very few times in my life but I gave it a try. I got a gold star!

Maybe I could brush up on my horseback riding skills and join a carnival. I could do one of those Annie Oakley type shows. You know, race my horse around the arena shooting at targets. I would have to forgo the jumping off the horse at full speed and getting back on again. I doubt I could do that one even if the horse was walking!

They could bill me as the oldest woman in the world to do such an act. Of course, I imagine the arena would only be full of old people who had come to see one of their kind make a fool of herself! Sigh. I guess I had better put that dream in the box that reads, "You've got to be kidding!"

God gives us dreams and aspirations. He told Adam and Eve to subdue the earth. I think that means we are to go for those dreams with all our hearts and minds.

Some dreams have to be pursued now. No dawdling allowed. You can't put them on the back burner. If you do, you may find the opportunity has passed and it can't be retrieved.

Has God given you a dream. A passion? An assignment? Best get on with it. You don't want to wind up living your life without fulfilling God's plan for your life. That would be such a waste!

Hoping I follow with fervor the dreams God has given me, even at this age! Gloria

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