Thursday, July 9, 2009


I've mentioned how I love to fish. Early on in my marriage, it was because I wanted to do the things my husband did. Now, I love to fish with or without him. Of course, it's more fun to fish with him but it isn't necessary (don't want him to think he isn't still special :D.)

Sometimes when we go to our favorite fishing hole we find other fishermen already there. Most of them probably fish once a year when they go on vacation. But, they look good! They're usually festooned from head to toe with all the latest fishing gear. They stand along the sides of the bank throwing their bait into the water hoping to catch a big one. Foolish, foolish fishermen. Don't they know they have to get INTO the water if they are going to catch fish!

Me? I don my beat up old waders I bought at Walmart, throw on my boots with special soles to help me not slip down so easily (important at my age) and wade into the churning water. As I wade the stream, I let my line drift out ahead of me and wait for the fish to take the bait. I seldom go home without fish.

Jesus once told Simon Peter to launch out into the deep and cast his net. The result was so many fish the nets broke. I would have loved being on that fishing trip!

Jesus also gives us fishing instructions. We are to be fishers of men (people). All believers have a story to tell, a message to bring to their world. A message of hope. A message of deliverance. A message of freedom. But, in order to tell it, we've got to be where the fish are. Not on the bank but in the water!

Go fish!

Hoping I'm a fisher of people as well as fish, Gloria

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