Friday, July 3, 2009

The Danger of Forgetting

Another weekend about to role around. This one is a little more special than most. We'll be celebrating our independence. At least some will.

I think a lot of Americans have forgotten what this holiday is all about. It has become more about family gatherings, picnics in parks, going to the beach or watching fireworks.

Forgetting can sometimes be a dangerous thing.

Forgetting what our forefathers suffered and died for can be a dangerous thing.
Failing to remember the principles on which this country was founded can be a dangerous thing.
Assuming America will always be the land of opportunity can be a dangerous thing.
Not having the courage to stand up for what is right can be a dangerous thing.
Failing to become involved can be a dangerous thing.

God has shown favor on this country through the years. That does not mean he always will. Only the nations that honor God will stand. If America forgets him, like nations before us, we will fall.

Pray for America. Pray for yourself that you, like our forefathers, will be brave and stand for what is right. They sacrificed greatly. We may have to do the same.

Hoping I will have the courage to stand like those who have gone before me, Gloria

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