Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Clean Bodies, Clean Lives

Until my grandchildren came this past week, I had no idea I had so many towels! They are now piled to the ceiling in my utility room. There were towels for the spa, towels for our neighbors swimming pool, towels for baths.

Did my mother and aunt have this problem when I was growing up? I don't recall but I would imagine we did good to have a minimal amount of towels. I would imagine we also used them more than once before they were thrown into the dirty clothes.

I think we should go back to that idea. Give everyone a towel to dry off with when they get out of the shower. In about a week, take it and wash it. After all, are you really dirty when you dry off after your shower? You're supposed to have cleaned off all the grime by showering. Is there toxic waste on your skin so that you have to throw the towel in the dirty clothes? All you are doing is getting clean wet water off yourself, right?

Now that I've solved that problem, I'm going to concentrate on what we can do about those dirty dishes we have after we've eaten. Not sure about that. If you have any good ideas, PLEASE let me know!

We take showers to get the dirt off our bodies. We live our lives controlled by the Spirit of God so our lives won't be filled with the dirt of sin. I like a clean body but, if I had to make a choice, I'd choose the clean life!

Hoping my body AND my life are clean, Gloria

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