Friday, June 12, 2009

WHo Says You Can't Be Beautiful And Wrinkled?

I noticed more wrinkles yesterday. They were not on my face, although I have a significant amount there. These wrinkles were on my arms. I raised my hand up in the air and there they were! They looked kind of like the leftover stretch marks from my having baby days.

I think I even saw some wrinkles on my feet (do you really get wrinkles on your feet?). Pretty soon I'll just be a mass of wrinkles walking around! Nobody will be able to recognize me. I'll have to carry around a picture of myself so my friends will know it's me!

I know some women whose faces are etched with wrinkles but, to me, they are beautiful. Their inner beauty illuminates even the wrinkles! These women have walked with God for so long they have become like him. They are filled with love, wisdom, kindness and mercy. They speak only to build up. They love even the unlovely. They seek the good of others over themselves. I guess you could say they exude Jesus! Now that, my friend, is real beauty.

Longing to be that kind of beautiful, Gloria

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