Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trusting God and Locking My Doors

You may note this is posted about 3:00 in the morning. It was not my preference but what's new. Lots of things in my life are not my preference but they are there anyway.

I am up because a helicopter woke me from my slumber. I assume it was a police helicopter. Were they looking for a fugitive? Someone who had murdered a couple while they lay in their bed? My overactive imagination, which is a plus when I write, is NOT so good when you're lying in bed listening to a helicopter swirl around your house. When the dogs started barking, I just knew the "killer" was right outside my door!

Well, the helicopter is gone and the dogs have stopped barking but I'm still awake! So, you have to put up with me for a bit.

There are many things that we can be afraid of in life. We can fear we'll get some dreaded disease. We can fear our family will not be safe. We can fear we'll lose our job. Fear. Fear. Fear. So much to fear!

The Bible gives us great advice. It tells us not to worry about tomorrow, that each day has enough trouble of its own.

What do you worry about? Does worrying help the situation? The Bible also says not to worry. How can we do that when there are so many things to worry about?!

We can rest in the love and security of God. If we do that, we feel safe. We know that, no matter what comes our way, God is still orchestrating it all. Let's trust God. But, it doesn't hurt to lock your doors. He does expect us to use the brain he gave us!

Trying to Trust God and not worry, Gloria

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