Friday, June 26, 2009

Thinking On The Right Thing

I have a friend who is very organized. Well, opposites attract, even in friendships! Actually, I am organized. But, I'm also forgetful. Not a good pairing.

I write down things I need to do. The only difference in my friend and me is she knows where to find her to-do list! Me? I can be found scrounging around in my purse (I carry a very large purse so that makes for lots of scrounging!) or in my car, feet in the air, looking between the seats. I find lots of interesting things there but seldom do I find my list.

My trying to be ecologically minded has suffered because of my forgetfulness. One day, when I was grocery shopping, I bought several of those bags they display at the checkout stand to carry your groceries in. At a dollar a pop, I splurged and bought four. After unloading my groceries, I put the bags in the back seat of my car.

A few days later I went to the grocery store. At the checkout, I remembered the bags were still in the car! I shelled out several more dollars. I added the just purchased bags to the four I had already bought. I placed them all between the front seats, next to my right arm. Surely I would see them when I started to get out of my car.

Fast forward to the next grocery store trip. Any idea where the bags were when I got up to the checkout stand? Yep. Still in between the seats of my car. Since this was a big shopping day, I bought lots more bags. My husband and I could have gone to Burger King TWICE for lunch with what I dished out on that day!

Another trip to the store and the bags were left in car...again! At that point, I determined I would have to find another way to help the environment. Besides, I had so many bags in the car, I didn't have room for my groceries!

Sometimes we bemoan that we are not perfect. We compare ourselves to others. They seem to have it all together, personally and spiritually. Why not me, we wonder. We would probably be surprised to know they also have areas of their lives they wish were different.

I have found that, the more I concentrate on Jesus instead of myself (weaknesses included), the more those things I dislike about myself slip away. Do you think it might be because as I think on Jesus I become more like him?

Trying to think on Jesus and not my weaknesses, Gloria

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