Monday, June 1, 2009

So Much For Making Plans

There was a time I looked forward to coming home from a trip and sleeping in my own bed. Now it's coming home and getting back to my computer.I guess I've become a technology freak!!

Mammoth, CA is a beautiful place. The mountains are still laden with snow and the air is crisp . . . my kind of weather! Still my life pattern did not change just because I was there. I had Perils of Pauline days.

There was no WiiFi service in the woods (just bears). Early Monday morning I crawl out of my snug, warm bed, bundle up in winter clothes, go to my car and break the ice off the windshield (That part is not true but it did sound dramatic, didn't it?) and start driving.

I hope to find a spot I can connect to the Internet. The Shilo Inn has WiiFi so I try to get on. An add pops up saying I have to purchase time. Since I think you're all worth it, I sign up for a week. After they have my money, I have a problem. The signal is so low I can't seem to get on! I had a friend leave you a message.

So, I can't do my blog, can't get on the Internet to do research and am out the money I could have used to buy lunch. Why did I think life for me would be easier at Mammoth?

About Wednesday, someone tells me the library has Internet service. Jeez, why didn't I find that out earlier? Timing is everything! Since I've already told you I'm not going to blog, I just go to the library and read the hundreds of emails I had accumulated over the few days.

Since Wayne was so busy, I only got to go to my favorite fishing hole once. The creek was still high from the snow pack and I decided not to take a chance on wading the stream. I feared I would be swept away by the rushing water, wind up in the valley below and someone else would be writing on the blog stating the date of my funeral and inviting you to attend!

Okay, I've bored you enough. What can I say about this that will end up with a spiritual slant? I'm thinking!

Perhaps it is like the scripture (and I am paraphrasing here), Man makes his plans but God dictates the outcome.

So, when things in your life don't go as planned, don't panic, don't become irritated, don't get angry. Just trust God is still in control. Then you'll handle YOUR perils of Pauline days with the right attitude. And, I promise. It will make for a better day!

Happy to back with you (and my computer.) Well, I did put you first!!!

Hoping today is not a Perils of Pauline day, Gloria

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