Tuesday, June 9, 2009


In my more "mature" years I have become a bird watcher. Like I had time to watch birds with two kids, and a husband to feed, clothe and care for!

Actually, in my youth I would have summed up bird watching in one word . . . boring! Not so now.

I don't don cap, binoculars and a Birds of America book and trek into the forest to find some rare bird. I just throw some bird seed outside my door and wait for the birds to come to me. Never fails. I have a hoard of them. Even now their chirps fill the air. I'm sure they are telling me to hurry up with breakfast!

I see a variety of birds outside my window, quail, thrushes, blue jays. The others I just call red chested, yellow chested, since I have no idea what species they are.

I did buy a book that shows birds of the west but I still haven't taken time to study it so I can know each kind. It really doesn't matter to me. I just enjoy seeing how beautiful they are.

The Bible says God takes care of the birds. Does that mean I don't have to?

I think God uses me to care for his creation. Oh, I'm sure they could manage quite well without me but I may just make life a little easier for them. I may help them spend less time struggling to find food.

Maybe God can also use me to help feed other of his creatures. If I'm willing, I can dispense seeds of truth that will make the knowledge of God fill that emptiness, that hunger inside people. He may use me to help people spend less time struggling to find real meaning in their lives. How much more important to spread that kind of seed!

How are you doing with your seed sowing?

Hoping I'm more concerned about spreading spiritual seeds than bird seed, Gloria

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