Monday, June 8, 2009

Not All Dirt Can Be Seen

Well, I survived getting ready for the Progressive Dinner at our house . . . barely. I was exhausted by the time everyone got here! My house absolutely sparkled even though I looked a little ragged from wear. It wasn't until about thirty minutes into the party that I realized I had not taken time to put on any makeup, a big mistake! Well. the house looked great!

At times like this weekend, I wish I had a smaller house. And carpet.

When you have carpet, all those fuzz balls of dirt just dig in and hide. Not so when you have laminate floors. They just fluff up real big and fly around into every corner of the house for everyone to see. So, I HAD to vacuum and clean the floors.

I bought a new cleaner for laminate floors and went to work. And, I do mean work. I probably perspired more than when I do my exercising! Everyone seemed to have a good time so it was worth the work.

The dust thing reminded of the fact that some sins are "out there" for all to see. Others are hidden away in "carpet" where no one sees them. Sometimes the people who are hiding their sins in the "carpet" are more than willing to point out the faults of the person whose sins are seen. Why is that?

How about this week we not look for the faults and sins of others but check out our own lives and see if we have allowed any spiritual dirt to accumulate. If we find any, let's clean it out so that our lives sparkle and the beauty of Christ is seen in us.

Going to do some spiritual cleaning this week, Gloria

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