Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Exemptions

Life is full of embarrassing moments, isn't it? I seem to have more than my share. Like the time I came home after being out with friends and found the toilet seat cover still plastered to me. I still pray it was not sticking out the back of my jeans. Surely my friends would have told me if they saw it, right? I'll never know. How could I not know it was there?

I've already told you about going to school without my underwear. And, saying brandy sniffer instead of snifter while in a college class. The list goes on and on. Although your list may not be as long as mine, I'm sure you have some embarrassing moments you could share with me. No one is exempt from them.

There is another thing no one is exempt from . . . making choices. Every day we have to make them. Sometimes we make dumb choices. Sometimes we make choices that embarrass us. Sometimes we make choices that even harm us or others.

The wonderful thing about being a Christian is that each of us has God's Spirit inside to guide us in making choices. Choices that will be smart instead of dumb. Choices that will not embarrass him or us. Choices that will bless instead of harm.

Since none of us is exempt from making choices, let's be sure our choices are directed by God!

Hoping I make God directed choices today, Gloria

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