Monday, June 29, 2009

Instructions For Eradicating Grouchy Bugs

Tired. Sleepless night. Grouchy Bug is attacking me. I 'm fighting but I'm not sure I'm going to win. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!

Since this is the last morning my grandchildren will be here, I'm going to do my best to be the sweet, loving, kind, caring, gracious (Are you listening, Grouchy Bug?) grandmother they want me to be. That's a big order to fill, even on my good days!

When my children were young, sleepless nights were a regular occurrence. Fevers, monsters in closets, wanting a drink of water at one in the morning, were the means of rousing me from my slumber. Even back then Grouchy Bug was around (They live a long, long time.) Most of the time I had the ability to fight him off but not always. The days I lost were not ones I like to remember.

Do you ever have Grouchy Bug days? Having one today? Hey, we can beat this guy!

The Grouchy Bug is a real pushover when he hears us singing praises to God. Saying, "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice in it" drives him bonkers. He knows he's close to being booted out the door. The crowning assault is when we pray and thank God that he has given us the power to overcome anything that would hinder us from being Christ like. At that, Grouchy Bug slinks out the door and dissolves into a puddle of green, slimy ooze.

So, you might want to print out these instructions for some future day when Grouchy Bug visits YOUR house. I know he will. I just know it!

Grouchy Bug, be gone! Gloria

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