Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I hate weeds! I have never seen anything more tenacious. They can grow anywhere, in cracks in walls, sidewalks, and in places there doesn't even seem to be any dirt. You don't even have to do anything to make them grow.

Is that the case with flowers? Do they just sprout up anywhere and grow on their own? No! Flowers have to be nurtured, pruned, fertilized and cared for regularly. Only then will they provide the beauty and fragrance we desire.

Our lives are like that. You don't have to do anything to grow "weeds" in it. They seem to come unbidden. Negative thoughts. Wrong actions. Words that destroy instead of build up.

To create a life of beauty and one that is a sweet fragrance to God and others takes work! We have to be willing to root out all those weeds that would choke out God in our lives. We must nurture, fertilize, and care for those things that are godly. And, we must do it regularly! That's the only way we will rid our life of weeds and fill them with the beauty and fragrance that comes from a life controlled by God.

Doing some spiritual gardening today, Gloria

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