Thursday, June 18, 2009


Since I write for publication, I have to read guidelines for each of the publications I desire to write for. I go online and check out what type of material they are looking for and write accordingly.

One of the things I read from the editors is the frustration they have because writers do not follow the guidelines that are provided for them. They just write something and randomly send it out to every publisher they can find.

I've often wondered if it the same with God. Does it bother him that he has given us the Bible as a guideline for living the way he wants us to and we ignore it? Does he become frustrated when people live empty, random lives, missing out on the abundant one he had for them all because they don't read the guidelines?

I doubt God gets frustrated. I do think he may be saddened that we don't bother to spend time studying the guidelines. No wonder we are not successful in trying to live godly lives!

Trying to read the guidelines, Gloria


Kelly said...

Hi I'm over from Rachelle's blog. Wow - I loved your analogy today! Great thinking!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Chatty Kelly,
Thanks for visiting! Wasn't the blog party a great idea?!!


Russell said...

Hello Mrs Stockstill, how's Pastor Wayne? I attended your church in Hesperia a spell or two ago, in fact Pastor Wayne baptized me on April 7 2002. I moved from Southern Cali to New York to tend to a friend suffering from MS. As luck had it, I befriended a cat and we eventually got our own apartment here in Lucille Ball's hometown, and my parents moved up here since getting evicted from their home in PA. Everyone here knows how much I loved Southern Cali and knows I want to go back eventually. Take care of yourself.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Sorry to hear about your parents. Times are really hard now, aren't they? Great that we have a mighty God who can get us through all our difficulties!