Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gale Force Or Gentle Breeze

Our neighbor put up one of those wind generators to harness electricity. It is supposed to save lots of money. Forget that it cost them thousands and thousands of dollars to buy. it's going to take lots of wind to pay all that back!!

It takes just a hint of breeze to get the propeller moving. As you watch it make its slow methodical twirls, you are positive there is no way it can be generating electricity. At other times, the propeller twirls frantically as the fierce winds swoop into the desert. It seems the propeller will rip off from the winds force. In both situations, electricity is being generated.

The Christian life can be like that wind generator. Sometimes it may seem slow, even methodical. No great miracles happening. No profound revelations from God. No great insights. At other times we fear we can't contain the wonder of what God is doing in our life. It is important to trust that, whether God seems like a soft breeze or a gale wind, he is working, generating his power in us.

Trusting God works in the gentle breeze as well as the gale, Gloria

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