Monday, May 11, 2009

Making Wise Choices

Okay, it's the beginning of another week. Another chance to do things differently.

Maybe this week I'll drink more water than diet coke.
Maybe this week I'll eat more vegetables and fruit.
Maybe this week I'll vacuum the house
dust the blinds
mop the floors
get that huge stack of ironing done
weed the garden
paint the patio
straighten up my office
clean out the garage.

Maybe . . . maybe not. I'm tired just reading the list!

One thing I WILL do this week. I will praise and adore the God of the universe. I will thank him for loving me, for being so good to me, for directing my life, for getting me through the hard times, for being my comfort.

Some things can go undone and there will be no serious repercussions from not doing them (except maybe a disgruntled husband). Some things that go undone can lead to a life void of joy and peace. Choose wisely what you are going to do this week!

Knowing some things I'll do this week, not sure about others, Gloria

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