Friday, May 15, 2009

Laughing At Funerals

I went to a funeral this week and laughed a lot. Sounds strange doesn't it?

Funerals are supposed to be somber. We wear black to indicate that to be true. I'm sure, in days past, if anyone had worn a bright red dress to a funeral there would have been those that would have questioned that persons character! Now days you're just glad they wear clothes!

What was there to laugh about at this funeral?

We laughed at the man's life; the funny things he did and said while he was alive. It was hilarious! It showed a life well lived and enjoyed by him and those around him. Some tears were shed. But, the overall mood was upbeat.

The man was a Christian. Everyone there knew that because he shared his faith with family and friends.

A Christians dies differently. It SHOULD be a celebration. They're not really dead! Their spirits are present with the Lord. One day, when Jesus comes back to get all Christians to come live with him in heaven, the bodies and spirits of all who have died in Christ will be re-united. We'll all live with God forever. Death has been defeated. Now that's something to laugh about!

Hoping there's lots of laughing at my funeral, Gloria

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