Friday, May 1, 2009

The Internet and Spiritual Truths

It's amazing what God can use to teach spiritual truths!

Last week I had a harrowing Internet experience. Somehow I pushed something that allowed pornography to get on my computer. The pictures were horrible. To make matters worse, my grandchildren were here. What if they had been the ones to see the trash!

I'm pretty ignorant about computers. I pushed buttons hoping to get rid of it. Since I didn't really know what I was doing, I just prayed it would work. I thought it had but just a little later, the pictures were there again. Now I was really in a panic!

God put into my mind (I say that because I don't remember much of anything!)what a friend had told me about Internet security. I went to the place, found I had somehow removed all the security. I then slid all the things to the side so no bad things could get into my computer. So far, it has worked!

God showed me some spiritual truths through this.

1. We have all been forgiven of sin but the flesh has sins residue residing in it just waiting to reveal itself.

2. Satan is lurking in the sidelines waiting to throw some filth at us to destroy our walk with God.

3. We must be diligent or we'll find those things popping up in our lives again, even when we really don't desire them to.

4. There are no buttons we can push to eliminate the flesh or Satan. We're stuck with both until Jesus returns and takes us home.

5. Our protection is found, not in buttons, but by allowing the Holy Spirit to control us. Then we'll be safe from anything the flesh or Satan can throw at us.

I may not be completely sure of how to protect myself on the Internet but I am confident of how to protect myself from my flesh and Satan!

Thankful God has given me clear directions on how to live godly, Gloria

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