Thursday, April 9, 2009

Working It Out

Drat that cricket! He kept me awake again. Thanks to his melodious (HA!) chirp, it's 4 o'clock and I've already been up two hours!

He's spent his last night in my house. Maybe his last day on earth. That will depend on whether I can get a little more sleep and be in a better frame of mind before I have to move the refrigerator.

Last Sunday the class I teach was challenged with the scripture, "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling." In the Greek, it means "bringing to its ultimate conclusion." It's not about works. It's about allowing the Spirit of God, who lives inside us, to control our actions rather than allowing our flesh to do so.

You do know what happens when you make such a commitment, don't you? It seems the devil camps on your doorstep just waiting to pounce on you. He surely was on mine!

On Monday morning, I had two encounters in which I had to choose allowing the Spirit of God to control me or my flesh. I failed both. And, that was all before 8:00 am! Not a good start.

The day did get better. I was able to post some Spirit controlled actions on my "Worked Out My Salvation " side.

Although I have failed on some occasions, I am glad we made the commitment. I have been more aware. I have made a concerted effort to allow God to control my actions, my thoughts, my words. Actually, I guess that's what working out your salvation means, right?

Hoping to "work out my salvation" by allowing God to control me today, even in regard to the cricket, Gloria

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