Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Do you like to wait? I seem to do a lot of it.

When I go to the grocery store, I always get in the line where they have to send someone to check a price or a person has forty coupons that have to be scanned.

I get in the freeway lane that seems to be going the fastest and someone decides to talk on their cell phone, thus slowing down. I still can't figure out why slowing down helps you hear better on your cell phone. Not to mention it is illegal here in California!

When I watch movies like Pride and Prejudice (my favorite movie) I think about how much time was spent just sitting around doing tapestries or chatting and having afternoon tea. Well, a tea party would be nice, I guess. Talk about a slow paced lifestyle!

Why do we resist waiting for things? I want it now seems to be our motto. I want to have the big house now. I want to have the nice car now. I don't want to wait for anything. Now! Now! Now!

The Bible talks about waiting. It says we are to wait upon the Lord. Here we go again. Even God expects us to wait! Why do you think that is?

He knows what we need and when we need it.

He knows if that thing we want will really be a blessing to us like we think it will.
He knows that we are not ready for some things, although we are confident we are.
He knows the thing we want right now will draw us away from him.
He knows what he has chosen for us is better than what we want now.

So, for all us impatient kinds, I guess God is saying waiting isn't as bad as we think.

Hoping to wait on the Lord, even though it sometimes isn't easy, Gloria

Why do we have such a problem with waiting?

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