Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Day!

My heart is burdened this morning. I write with tear filled eyes. I weep for America, for her lost morality, her lost faith in the one true God, her lost freedom to worship as we choose, he lost freedom to believe the scriptures and live by them without government interference. I weep for what my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will experience if things do not change.

I weep but I weep with hope.

Some day, yes, praise God, someday, we will be free! Free to worship, praise and adore God. No more government rules to stifle us. No more laws to hinder us. No one will oppose us. No one will call us bigots, extremist, detriments to society. Some day.

I weep with hope because some two thousand years ago God's son died for me. But, he didn't stay dead. Early, on the first day of the week, he burst forth from the grave. He conquered death. Because of that, I can live eternally in a place where I will be free to worship, free to believe, free to love and serve the great and mighty God!

Some are trying to destroy the influence God has in this world. It can't be done. Nobody, absolutely nobody, will win the victory over our Savior!

So, although I grieve at what I see, I also look to the future, my future, the future of every believer. And, because I know what the future holds, a ray of light penetrates my soul, spreading, spreading until it fills me with joy in the midst of the perverseness of my day. There is hope! Someday. Someday. I wait for some day.

Hope now because of what lies ahead some day, Gloria

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