Monday, April 6, 2009


Children inherit their parents genes. No way around it. If dad has a big nose, the likelihood is one of the kids will have a big nose. In our family we have two distinct noses. We kid my husband about how wide his nose is, especially when he flairs it to prove our point! Me? I'm known as the ski-slope nose. I could never deny I'm a McQueen. Put us in a lineup and anyone could pick us out!

Our children inherit other things from us. Attitudes. Fears. Prejudices. Values. Faith.

I thought about what my children have inherited from me (beside their nose features). I hope they have inherited things that will benefit them, not harm them.

It would be great to say I did everything right as a parent. I would be lying if I said I did. I just did the best I could. One thing we did right is instill a faith in God in our children. Of all things, I think that is the most important thing a parent can pass along to their children.

Although I did not do everything right, my children have a heavenly Father who does. That is a great consolation. I hope, as a parent, you will take consolation in that, too!

Thankful my children have a perfect heavenly Father to guide them, Gloria

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