Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Thing That Never Changes

I've lived long enough to see lots of changes. Especially in the health arena.

First we were told to take at least an hour walk six or seven days a week. Now we're told we need only three brisk walks a week. Hey, anything that shortens the agony is good, right?

We were told to cut out all carbohydrates. Now they say it's not all carbs but just certain kinds of carbs. This one I like because I love bread (whole wheat, of course).

We were told eggs were bad for us. Then came the story that was false. Now we're back to eggs not being so good for us. Unless you eat only the white. Now, why would I want to eat the white of an egg? It has no taste. Of course, it's the good tasting stuff in the middle that is bad for you!

Will these people never make up their minds? No. If I live another twenty or thirty years, I will be told all I thought was good for me is now bad for me. It is frustrating if you try and do the right things and find out later it was all wrong!

There is one thing that never changes. God's Word. The Bible is as true today as it was the day God inspired men to write it. I don't have to worry about living by it and finding out later all that was in it is wrong. In the changing world in which we live, I find that comforting.

You can stake your life on what is in the pages of the Bible. And, everything you apply to your life will make you healthier spiritually and physically. Good to know!

Glad I can count on what God says and know it will never change, Gloria

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