Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Tongues

Have you ever heard the statement that a person is long tongued?

That's doesn't mean their tongue is so long they have trouble keeping it in their mouth and need surgical help to shorten it.

Long tongued means a person who is always gossiping or saying mean, negative things. The world is full of long tongues. I know some myself!!

Long tongues seem to always find something negative to say.
Long tongues NEVER keep their thoughts to themselves.
Long tongues delight in sharing a little bit of juicy gossip (although they will deny that.)
Long tongues seem to always be stirring up dissension.
Long tongues don't care how their tongues affect others (although they will deny that, too.)
Long tongued Christians seldom think they are sinning against God and others.

What's the solution to long tongues? Well, when they start using their tongues in the wrong way, we could suggest they need tongue surgery. Not sure how that would go over, though.

We can walk away when their tongue goes awry. Simply say, "Excuse me" and walk away. If they don't get the message, there's more than their tongue that needs fixing! This is sometimes difficult because, although we are not long tongues ourselves, we may enjoy what they spew out.

We can confront them. This is absolutely the best way to shorten long tongues! It's not an easy thing to do but if done in a kind way you have helped that person see what they are doing is sin. Not just a little flaw in their character but SIN.

The Bible says we are to say only things that will build another person up. Let's evaluate our own tongues and see if we live up to what God's word says or maybe WE need a little tongue shortening.

Hoping my tongue is not too long, Gloria

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