Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foolish Not Just On April Fool's Day

I'm waiting for the inevitable. My hubby will be up soon and will have some kind of April Fool's joke to play on me.

Every year he conjures up one and, gullible soul that I am, I always bite. Hey, it makes his day so why not let him have some fun. As for me, I'm never able to think up something that will trick him. Oh, well, we all have our gifts.

Who thought up this April Fool's Day stuff anyway? There's something "fool" ish about an entire country celebrating a day of making each other look (Dare I say it again?) foolish. There must be something I missed about its purpose.

The Bible talks about fools. It says, "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." In that context, I think of a fool as one who doesn't see the truth when confronted with it.

There are fools in all countries of the world, people who refuse to accept what God has done for them through Jesus. Nothing funny about that. It's really quite heart breaking.

If you're more creative than I am, enjoy your chance to make others look foolish today. For the rest of the days of the year, let's pray that those who have been rejecting their only chance for salvation will come to realize how foolish they are and turn to Jesus.

Sad there are so many foolish in the world and praying they will cease to be that way, Gloria

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