Friday, April 3, 2009

Doing Dumb Things For A Good Reason

I do dumb things all the time. It's just what I do. But, I did something yesterday I never do and have warned my children never to do. I picked up a hitchhiker. Well, technically she wasn't a hitchhiker. She had only asked me for directions.

While I was stopped at a traffic sign, a young woman came over to the car and asked about a particular street. I gave her directions. As I watched her walking away, I sensed I should ask her if she wanted a ride. She was delighted since her destination was a few miles away.

I know this was a dumb thing to do and I'm not recommending it to others. Still, I believe God ordained this meeting.

As we rode along, I found out she had been down the hill looking for a job. I assume she is a single mom because she lives with her mother. She has a two month old child that her grandmother was keeping for the day. She was on her way to get the baby.

I shared our church had a wonderful ministry for children. I told her I was the senior pastor's wife and invited her to church. She knew where we were located and said she would tell her mother and they would come.

After we arrived at her grandmother's, I gave her one of my books for the baby. I hugged her and asked the Lord to bless her.

End of story? I hope not. I would love to see her at church. If I never see her again, I'm praying that, as she reads the book to her baby, God will lean her heart toward himself. I'm asking that he send others to place more seeds into her heart and she will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Doing dumb things but believing this was a right dumb thing, Gloria

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