Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Changed Thinking

One of the things I enjoyed while growing up in Mississippi is the night sounds. Bull frogs, crickets and various other night critters could be heard as you sat on the porch (screened in, of course) on a sultry summer evening. The sounds wrapped themselves around you like a shawl on a cool autumn evening. There was something peaceful about their sounds.

I have a cricket in my house that has decided to help me recall those past pleasant experiences. It's not working. All he is doing is disrupting my sleep!

This is not the first cricket of late. We've had three or four such incidents where one has decided to serenade us during the night. I've tried to figure out where they are coming from but to no avail.

Do they serenade from beneath the table or under the chair? No, they choose to provide their nighttime entertainment from beneath the refrigerator, the most cumbersome piece of equipment in the house. Have you moved your refrigerator lately? Even on rollers, it's not an easy task. These new experiences are quickly changing my thinking about crickets!

When I became a Christian, I noticed I began to change my thinking, too. Things I once thought important ceased to be. Actions I thought were right suddenly became things I knew should not be in the life of a Christian. Things I had thought I would do with my life were replaced with the desire to do what God wanted. Nobody had to tell me to change my thinking. It was an inward thing. I just knew it was the right thing to do.

I know I still have areas in which I need to allow God to change my thinking. What about you? Maybe today we'll be open to allowing God to change some of our wrong thinking.

Hoping I won't fight God as he tries to change my thinking today, Gloria

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