Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beauty Inside, Not Out

Do you like to have every hair in place? Then don't live in the high desert. The wind always blows here. Women in this area can be seen making mad dashes into stores, homes and churches. Best get out of their way. Their goal is to get to their destination without their hair looking like a rat's nest. Some succeed. Some don't.

I'm one of the "don'ts". I can leave home looking like a million dollars. Well, how about twenty? By the time I walk into the place I'm going, I'm sure some question if I've ever combed my hair!

I've tried lots of those gels that are supposed to keep your hair in place. Doesn't work. The wind just blows it so that I look like I've got one of those spike hairdo's.

The only thing that is going to work is shave my head. I'd do that except I'm not very good at using a razor. I always have little nicks on my legs. Imagine what my head would look like. Forty-two little bandages on my noggin will not look any better than a wind swept hairdo! I'm going to just accept I'll look this way from now on. One good thing. I'll have lots of other women who look just like me!

I may have to look the same on the outside but I don't have to look the same on the inside. In fact, I shouldn't! The Bible tells me I should look more like Jesus each day. Not in the way he physically looked but in the way he acted, talked, thought, lived in obedience to his father. Wow! What a big responsibility.

Is it possible? Kind of like a perfect hairdo in the desert?

The wonderful thing about God asking us to look more like Jesus is he gives us the power to do it! If we try to do it on our own, failure is inevitable. It is only when we allow the Holy Spirit to direct our lives that we will become more like Jesus. Pray and tell God you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to guide your life. Then do it! If you do, I guarantee you will "look" more like Jesus next year than you do today. Even with a not so perfect outside, you will be so much more beautiful!

Giving up on the outside and letting the Holy Spirit make the inside beautiful, Gloria

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