Monday, March 2, 2009

Various Kinds of Weeding

It's almost spring. Time to lop off all that old foliage from our trees and plants so they will flourish through the warm days of spring and summer.

Call me lazy. I love a beautiful garden but I'm not wild about doing all the work to see that it looks that way!

I keep putting off doing all the trimming of the plants. Too much work!

I want beautiful roses. I want the Butterfly Bush to attract butterflies. I want those plants with red flowers (I have no idea what they are called. I just bought them to attract hummingbirds) to draw the hummingbirds into my garden. So, I guess I'll have to dig in (no pun intended) and get the job done.

Being a Christian is kind of like that. Sometimes I have to be willing to do a little work. Not that my salvation is dependant upon what I do. Jesus took care of all that. But, the Bible says I am to "work out my salvation." In the Greek, it means, "bring to its ultimate conclusion." God wants me to get out all that stuff my flesh is harboring. All that which is not controlled by the Spirit who lives within me.

The ultimate conclusion of my working in my garden is to see a beautiful garden I can enjoy. The ultimate conclusion of my working out my salvation is a beautiful life that God can enjoy.

Working toward a beautiful garden and a beautiful life, Gloria

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